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Pregnancy doesn't always come at an optimal time. It's a problem for many teens that walk into Woman's First Choice in Arcadia, California. But a teen pregnancy is not the end of the world. The staff here understands how difficult this is for any woman, but for patients still in their teens, it is a confusing time. It's important for teens to work with caring and attentive specialists that can help them make these important decisions.

Teen Pregnancy Q & A

Why offer a teen pregnancy service?

Woman's First Choice believes women need to take responsibility for their reproductive health at all stages of life. Teens are faced with pressures today that didn't exist even 10 years ago. The teen pregnancy service isn't just about helping a young, expectant mother. It focuses on educating teens about their bodies, sex, and the risk of pregnancy, too.

This is a comprehensive service geared toward a young woman who may be sexually active or considering sex for the first time. It covers information about sex, birth control, and STDs, as well as what to do if a teen pregnancy happens. It helps parents and family find healthy ways to support their teens during what is often considered a crisis.

What are the options for teens who want to avoid getting pregnant?

The first step is education. Young women need to learn more about their reproductive health and how to protect it not just from pregnancy, but from sexually transmitted diseases, too. The staff at Woman's First Choice can provide research material, answer questions that a young woman might not be comfortable asking a parent, and discuss birth control options.

The doctor will help you understand the different kinds of birth control like the pill or an IUD. She will also talk about the use of condoms to avoid getting an STD and regular screening tests.

What happens if a teen does get pregnant?

A pregnant teen has the same options to consider as any other woman. Woman's First Choice provides a variety of medical interventions that will terminate a pregnancy. For patients who want to keep their babies, they are on hand to manage the pregnancy, provide counseling and just support her choice. Once the baby is delivered, the staff can help the teen find ways to avoid another pregnancy until she is ready.

The specialists at Woman's First Choice are also there to work with the parents of a pregnant teen if that's what the patient wants. Teen pregnancies affect entire families, so everyone needs to find a way to make the adjustment. The staff is there to answer any questions parents may have about what they can do to help their teen, the responsibilities of the father and ways to help a new teen mom.