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A medical abortion offers women an early alternative to terminate a pregnancy. The physicians and staff at Woman's First Choice in Arcadia, California, believe in giving women options when it comes to their bodies and offering non-traditional modalities like the abortion pill as part of that mission. Whatever the reason for wanting to end the pregnancy, this method is easier on you than the invasive procedure usually associated with abortion. Contact Woman’s First Choice to learn more.

Medical Abortion and Abortion Pill Q & A

What is a medical abortion?

The phrase "medical abortion" is generally reserved for an oral method of terminating a pregnancy. It means the use of abortifacient pharmaceutical drugs that cause a miscarriage. This is not an uncommon alternative for women. For generations, they have been turning to natural abortifacients to end a pregnancy such as a brewer's yeast or bitter melon.

Today, the doctors at Woman's First Choice can offer their patients a medical solution early on that causes the body to terminate the pregnancy without surgical intervention. For some women, it is less traumatic and safer choice.

How does the pill work?

Most medical abortions used two different pills. The first one blocks the body from making a critical hormone necessary to sustain a pregnancy. A pregnancy cannot continue without this hormone, so once it stops, the pregnancy terminates. The second pill triggers cramping and bleeding in order to empty the uterus. This is the same process that happens naturally when a woman has a miscarriage.

Does the abortion pill always work?

Abortion pills have a very high rate of success when administered early; usually at eight weeks or before. The odds go down slightly as the pregnancy progresses into the ninth or tenth week. If you are past the 10-week mark, then there are other options to consider.

Why choose a medical abortion over a surgical one?

There is no right or wrong procedure. Your doctor at Woman's First Choice will go over the details and concerns of each procedure to help you make the best decision for you. Often women prefer medical abortion because it is something they do at home or in another comfortable environment. The process is less invasive than the surgical approach, so it feels more natural, as well.

Are there risks with the abortion pill?

Complications are very rare with this type of abortion, but they are possible. Some potential problems include:

  • Tissue left in the uterus
  • Blood clots in the uterus
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction

There is also some risk of failure. That is very uncommon when the pill is taken early. If it does happen, the staff at Woman's First Choice will help you explore other options to end or even continue the pregnancy.