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The female OB/GYN specialists at Woman's First Choice in Arcadia, California, understand how complex life is for women. This is why they believe in offering a variety of contraception options. Birth control puts women in control of their reproductive futures in the most cost-effective and convenient manner. With more choices for birth control than ever, Woman's First Choice can offer a way that matches your lifestyle.

Birth Control Q & A

What are the birth control options available right now?

For women looking for a way to prevent pregnancy, there are many different options available. Everything from natural family planning to sterilization will work to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The trick is to find one that is a good fit for each patient. Options include:

  • Family planning techniques
  • Over-the-counter birth control products
  • Prescription contraceptives
  • Sterilization

The physicians at Woman's First Choice will work with you to create a strategic care plan based on your goals and personal choice. They have a patient assessment to help you make the right birth control decision whether you choose hormone-based pills or maybe a long-term reversible format such as an IUD.


What are IUDs?

IUD stands for intrauterine device. This is a small T-shaped piece of plastic that the doctor inserts into the uterus. Some brands release a hormone into the blood that prevents pregnancy while others have copper on the stem of the device. The copper is toxic to sperm, making pregnancy unlikely. The hormone device also kills sperm but it makes the cervical mucus thick and sticky to slow and stop sperm.

Both types have a string the feeds through the cervix to the vagina. This allows the patient to check to make sure the IUD is securely in place. When it comes time to remove the device, the doctor will use that string to access it, as well.


What are other long-term birth control solutions?

There are also contraceptive implants and injections available for women looking to avoid pregnancy. Both use hormones to stop ovulation and to change the uterus environment to prevent fertilization. For most women, their periods stop or become very light while using these forms of birth control. Woman's First Choice also offers traditional oral contraception options.


Are there risks with birth control pills?

There is some evidence that long-term use of hormone-based oral birth control may increase a woman's risk for some kinds of cancer but studies have been met with inconsistent results. The doctor will evaluate each patient to decide what birth control is the safest and most practical choice.