How to care for yourself after an Abortion?

How to care for yourself after an Abortion?

There are three basic elements one should consider after a medical abortion:

1. Bleeding.

Most women bleed after abortion. Consistent heavey bleeding that lasts more than 12 hours is something you should call the office or where received your abortion and discuss. Call our help line at (626) 616-3768 right away to report.

2. Sex after abortion.

You should wait 2 weeks before having sex. Yes you can get pregnant right away after abortion. 

3. Other complications.

Cramps, nausea, sore breasts and being tired are some of the side effects women experience. If yours is sever enough, do not hesitate to call the office right away. Remember your abortion service that you received includes the followup care. Make use of it.

Here is an article that discusses thse after abortion care in moe detail. Again, your doctor is your best advisor. Talk to her.


The Womans First Choice Care Team.

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