Dealing with worry and anxiety associated with your sexual health

For most people dealing with your sexual health brings worry and anxiety. But that shouldn’t prevent you from getting the best care from your health professional. These emotions can prevent you from seeking treatment or counselling in the timely manner. It might prevent you from openly discussing your symptoms and concerns with your health care provider. So how does one deal with these negative emotions when it comes to discussing your sexual health?


  1. Understand that these emotions are happening and they reside inside you. Let us say you want to talk to your doctor about STD testing. Your mind might immediate ask so many questions. That invariably leads to more questions and worry. Instead bring awareness to what you are planning to do and how to do it. In this case, you suspect that you might have STD. Pick up the phone and make and appointment. Write down the questions you want to ask the doctor. That is it. Move on to the next topic!

    We at Womansfirstchoice ensure confidentiality of all our patients. You can discuss any matter with us and be rest assured that all remains confidential.
  2. Never look to Internet for answers to your questions. Internet, be design, is open to all kinds of people to write anything they want. Why looking for more reasons to get more worried? Talk to your doctor.

  3. Never let guilt prevent you from doing the correct thing. Getting abortion or STD testing or for that matter any type of sexual health issue brings guilt. What is guilt? Again it is a thought that happens only inside your mind. These thoughts enter your mind unconsciously. You have the power to stop these unnecessary emotions to ruin your future.

  4. Deep breathing, meditations, intense work outs are some of the practical things one can do also to get out of these low moods.


Relax, give us a call for all your sexual health consultations and treatments. We pride in providing the best compassionate service while safe guarding your privacy.

Here is an interesting article from May clininc : How Worrying Affects the Body.


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