Abortion Pill - Safest Ever

Pop Quiz: Which of these medicines is the safest for patients: Tylenol, Flonase, Xanax, Viagra and the Abortion Pill. If you guessed the abortion pill, then you are right!

The abortion pill, safely used by millions around the world are increasingly difficult to get in the US. Here in California, we are fortunate enough that doctors can prescribe these still. One can get Viagra with very little doctor supervision, but not the abortion pills. Go figure.

In this New York Times article "Abortion Pills Should Be Everywhere", the author describes how certain online pharmacies now dispense these pills online. He talks about the safety and the effectiveness of the pills worldwide after more than 20 years of use. 

At our premier Woman’s First Choice clinic, you will be under in-person, direct supervision of a board-certified female OB-Gyn doctor. You are in good hands at our clinic. Call or visit online booking for a confidential consult today.

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